Committed to the Cause



Events Co-Chair

Camille has grown up in Helena, MT, and is currently a senior in high school at the Project for Alternative Learning. She has been involved with HYAGV since March of 2018. She decided to get involved because she strongly believes that everyone has the right to safety. As the Events Co-Chair, she helps initiate and organize events for HYAGV. In her free time, Camille is a dancer at the Allegro School of Dance and works at Great Harvest Bakery. If shes not dancing or working, you can usually find her exploring in the mountains.


Events Co-Chair

Eddy is 15 years old, and the youngest member of the HYAGV leadership team. She is from Helena, and attends Capital High School. She has been involved with HYAGV since it formed in February of 2018. Eddy decided to get involved because she wants to make the world safer for her generation. As the other Events Co-Chair, Eddy works with Camille to put on HYAGV events. In her free time, Eddy enjoy going on hikes with her dogs and baking.


Co-Founder, Communications Chair

Clara was born and raised in Helena, Mt, and is a senior at Capital High School. She is a co-founder of HYAGV, and is incredibly proud of how far it has come. Clara helped create HYAGV because she wanted to use her voice to create positive change. As the Communications Chair, Clara directs social media and press, and maintains an online presence for HYAGV. In her free time, Clara enjoys exploring Montana's mountains (on foot and on skis), taking photos of her friends, and bragging about how awesome the members of HYAGV are. On the weekends you can usually find her working at Hub Coffee or exploring the outdoors.


Finance Chair

Dan is 17 years old, and a senior at Helena High School. Dan has been an active member of HYAGV since March of 2018. He is involved with HYAGV because he feels that solving the gun crisis in America is paramount to our generation, and he wanted to be involved in the movement. As the Chair of Finance, Dan oversees buying and spending, donations, and budgeting. Outside of HYAGV, Dan is very involved with Speech and Debate, in which he is a national competitor.


Co-Founder, School Policy Chair

Mariah is 18 years old and student at Capital High School.  She helped found HYAGV because of her family’s personal experience with gun violence in schools. Mariah is also the Capital High School student school board representative, and as the Chair of School policy she utilizes the position by bringing proposals from HYAGV to the local school board. She plans on going to journalism school next year, and hopes to continue being involved in politics. In her free time, Mariah enjoys running cross country and baking yummy treats (which the members of HYAGV love).


Legislative Chair

Amanda is 17 years old, and a senior at Capital High School. She has
been living in Montana for the past five years, and she decided to become involved with HYAGV because she was getting tired of just complaining about gun violence, and she wanted to help make tangible change. As the Chair of Legislation, Amanda coordinates with local legislators and oversees lobbying and legislative activism for HYAGV. She is also involved in Grandstreet Theatre and various clubs at Capital High. Most weekends you can find her babysitting, working at Silverstar Steak Company, or soaking up the sunshine in MT's beautiful outdoors.


Membership and Promotion Chair

Jamie is 17 years old, and has lived in Helena her whole life. She is currently a senior at Capital High School. She became an active member of Helena Youth Against Gun Violence last spring. As the Chair of Membership and Promotion, Jamie is in charge of spreading the word about HYAGV and recruiting and retaining members. Jamie loves seeing the group gain momentum as an increased number of motivated students join in. Outside of HYAGV, Jamie can be found dancing or hanging out with friends.


Community Engagement Co-Chair

Hannah is 16 years old and a junior at Helena High School. She has been involved with HYAGV since it began in February of 2018, and she joined to help make a difference in her community and to bring attention to America’s gun violence issue. As the Co-Chair of Community engagement, Hannah works to update the community on our progress as a whole. Hannah is also an artist, and hopes to study film making after high school.


Community Engagement Co-Chair

Aase is 17 years old and is a junior at Helena High School. She has been a member of Helena Youth Against Gun Violence since it’s early days, following the Parkland school shooting and was inspired by the uproar of youth activism in the United States during the last few years. As the Co-Chair of Community Engagement, Aase helps to increase community awareness of what HYAGV advocates for.



Noah is a senior at Capital High School, and he has been active with HYAGV since the beginning.  He joined HYAGV as a way to make significant change in the world around him, and to change people’s perspectives on what teenagers can accomplish. Noah helps all the committee chairs accomplish their jobs, and picks up work in areas that don't fit into a specific category. Noah describes himself as a musician, runner, and food enthusiast. In his free tiime, he enjoys sushi, writing music, spending time with his dogs, and watching hockey.

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