Working Towards a Safer Tomorrow


  • To advocate for an extended waiting period, completion of a firearm training course, and better background checks as requirements for purchasing a firearm

  • To improve education about smart gun legislation and firearm safety in the greater Montana community

  • To work with school administrators to implement programs that educate teachers and students to recognize the warning signs of a possible shooter and take the best course of action in the event of an active-shooter situation

  • To work with school administrators to implement programs that increase awareness about suicide and suicide prevention

  • To bring awareness to the link between suicide and firearms

  • To increase awareness of the recommended procedures in an active-shooter situation in the community as a whole

  • To promote safe, smart gun legislation (including closure of the gun show and boyfriend loopholes, encouraging Congressional representatives to vote to repeal the Dickey Amendment etc.)

  • To advocate strong regulations or a ban on high-capacity magazines and certain gun modifiers (such as bump stocks)

  • To create a statewide dialogue between elected officials and constituents concerning gun legislation at the federal level

  • To support improved public mental-health care

  • To create a space for open, constructive dialogue in which people of all opinions can express themselves

How We Plan to Achieve Our Goals:

  • Conversations with teachers, students, and school administrators

  • To work closely with elected officials and increase voter turnout in the 18-21 age-demographic

  • To coordinate with other Montana groups that have similar ideologies

  • To lobby for common sense gun legislation

  • To shift the attitudes of Montanans towards gun control and gun violence by presenting the problem as a public health issue


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